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UJAZDOWSKI CASTLE is a historical building located in the heart of the city of Warsaw. A former summer residence of Polish kings, the building is situated along the city's Royal Route and is home to the Centre for Contemporary Art. It is also an ideal venue for conferences, seminars, promotional events and banquets.

CCA is also a place where art can be created, presented and documented in all its forms. CCA pursues its statutory objectives through organisation of exhibitions, theatre performances, performance activities, modern music concerts, experimental films and video art shows. Apart from visual arts it also engages in projects related to design, fashion and architecture. A rich and diverse programme of the Centre aims at presenting modern art as part of the dynamic process of its transformation. The programme includes creative workshops and an educational programme directed towards both ordinary audience and students of art schools and art history faculties from all around Poland.

Through its activities, CCA's facilitates contacts, cooperation and cultural exchange with numerous countries all around the globe. It presents the achievements of foreign artists in Poland as well as the output of Polish artists abroad.


It is one of the most beautiful parts of the Ujazdowski Castle, encircled by galleries from the south and the west. A remarkable and unique place intended for organising receptions, conferences, promotional meetings and concerts.

The courtyard is of use not only in the summer but also in the autumn-winter season, as it may be provided with a roof and heated. The main hall serves as an extension of the courtyard, yet it is accessible only outside of the working hours of the Centre for Contemporary Art.
Location: central part of the Ujazdowski Castle (level 0)

- open space – 408 sqm
- space under the galleries – 224.5 sqm
- well – 19.7 sqm (it is possible to cover the well with screens)
- main hall – 89.29 sqm

TOTAL: 652.2 sqm

Maximum capacity: 300 people

Fixed equipment:
- there are 6 rainwater pipes with cleanouts (to carry water off from the roofing over the courtyard)

- single-phase power outlet sockets (16A),
- three-phase power outlet socket (32A + 63A lugs)

- upper lighting of the galleries

- next to the cafe (level 0)
- in the basement (level-1)

- it is possible to provide a cloakroom for 300 people in the corridor in front of Gallery 1


Unique historic interiors of the Castle. The Cellars includes four connected rooms of various sizes. Its exceptional atmosphere is emphasised by antique vaults (groin, barrel and arch), supported by columns and partially exposed fragments of original walls.
Right next to the entrance, there are well-equipped toilets and a backroom intended for a cloakroom.
Available are also an elevator and a ramp for the disabled.

Specification of the Cellars
Location: southern part of the Ujazdowski Castle (level -1)

- P27a (ladies’ room) – 16.39 sqm
- P27 (men’s room) – 21.35 sqm
- P27b (cloakroom) – 20.50 sqm
- P23 (corridor) – 75.00 sqm
- P6 (room 1) – 52.30 sqm
- P4 (room 2) – 65.80 sqm
- P3 (room 3) – 73.12 sqm
- P2 (room 4) – 78.00 sqm

TOTAL: 402.46 sqm

Maximum capacity: 100 people

- single-phase power outlet sockets (16A)

- general lighting

Sound system:
- JBL EON Power10 250W (active) loudspeakers on stands (2 pieces)*
- GENELEC stand-alone studio loudspeakers (4 pieces)*
- Mackie 6-channel mixer

- Panasonic LB50 projector*
- stand-alone screen (4:3 aspect ratio, length of the base: 250 cm)

- ladies’ room 
- men’s room

- room P27b intended for a cloakroom
- number of hangers: up to 100


Art house with perfect acoustic conditions. Fitted with a screen, projector, professional lighting and sound system. Multilevel auditorium includes 74 comfortable seats. It is possible to add additional 26 chairs.

An ideal place for different kinds of projections, conferences, discussion panels, promotional meetings, presentations or training sessions. We also offer a possibility to arrange the hall (in front of the entrance to the cinema) for catering in buffet arrangement.

There is also an entrance to the toilets and a cloakroom in the hall.

Location: southern part of the Ujazdowski Castle (level 0)

- cinema room – 98,71 sqm
- hall in front of the room – 48,52 sqm

TOTAL: 147.23 sqm

Maximum capacity: 100 people

Fixed equipment:
- cinema seats (74 pieces + 26 additional seats)
- air conditioning
- screen
- projector
- sound system

- single-phase power outlet sockets (16A)

- upper lighting – light fading adjustment possible
- side lighting- no daylight

Sound system:
- JBL Control25 2-way monitor (4 pieces)
- EON 10P active 2-way column (2 pieces)
- MS26 150W 2-way loudspeaker column
- SPIRIT FOLIO FL 14ch mixer
- ALESIS RA100 amplifier
- SHURE EASY FLEX conference microphone (3 pieces)
- SHURE PG58 wireless microphone (2 pieces)
- SM58 SHURE microphone (3 pieces)

- EPSON TW520 projector
- cinema projectors (35 mm, 2 pieces)
- cinema projector (16 mm)
- BETACAM SONY UVW 1800P player
- perlux screen (dimensions: 7.5 m x 4.5 m, 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios)
- SONY DVP NS32 DVD player

- Internet network, 6 Mbit/s Internet access

- toilets are situated in front of the Cinema Room

- in the corridor in front of the Room

Additional equipment:
- 2 tables (if available)

- it is possible to organise catering in the corridor in front of the Cinema Room

* rental for an additional fee


It is a multi-functional room situated on the ground floor of the Ujazdowski Castle. It is accessed from the courtyard, under the southern galleries. It is perfect as an exhibition, conference and workhshop space. The room has a second exit leading directly to the outside of the southern wall of the Castle.

Characteristics of the Education Room
Location: south-eastern part of the Ujazdowski Castle (level 0)

- Education Room (main space) – 84 sqm
- Tower – 20.6 sqm
- Corridor – 19.16 sqm
- Toilet – 2 sqm

TOTAL: 125.76 sqm

Maximum capacity: 70 people

Fixed equipment:
- steel ceiling frame (dimensions: 564 x 676 cm; pipe diameter Ф 42.4/3G; the frame is mounted at the level of the window head jambs, its lifting capacity is 1,200 kg, maximum load per beam is 300 kg),
- toilet,
- catering backroom,
- additional exit leading outside

- single-phase power outlet sockets (16A)
- water-resistant brass floor sockets (Service Box, Series 80, Elektraplan) situated in several places.

- general lighting
- side lighting
- steel ceiling construction allowing to mount spotlights
- spotlights*
- 3 large windows with blinds in the Room

Sound system:
- JBL EON Power10 250W (active) loudspeakers on stands (2 pieces)*
- Mackie 6-channel mixer*

 * rental for an additional fee


- Panasonic LB50 projector* screen*

- single-person toilets

- designated cloakroom space in the corridor in front of the Room
- number of hangers: up to 70 


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